What’s On

Every week:

Sunday 11am – Breaking of Bread Service

The focus of this service is to remember the death and resurrection (raising to life) of God’s only son Jesus. We call this the “Breaking of Bread” service and baptised members share bread and wine together which symbolise the broken body and shed blood of Jesus. The service includes hymns, prayers and Bible readings and a talk to encourage us is given, known as an Exhortation. This is to remind us of God’s love and the hope we share for the future and how we should show God’s love to others.

Sunday 6pm – Sharing the “Good News” of the Bible

The focus is on basic Bible teaching and principles and is aimed at those want to know more about the “Good News” message of the Bible, what it tells us about God, his son Jesus and how we should live our lives. There is a different topic each week and if you’re interested to know more, please come along!

Wednesday 8pm – Bible Class

We take the opportunity each week to understand and study the Bible in more depth. We listen to talks on a range of subjects, focussing on passages from the Bible, to help us have a greater appreciation of Bible teaching.

What to expect

You’ll be warmly welcomed on arrival. As a Bible based community then reference is made to the Bible at all of our services and the talks you hear will be based on what the Bible teaches. We will either look at passages from our own Bibles or these will be projected onto a screen. Bibles are available for you to use. If you need help to find any of the Bible passages then please just ask. You can also take home a free copy of the Bible if you wish.

Our services include hymns and prayers and are led by our own members.  You will notice that baptised women wear hats or scarves during services, as taught in chapter 11 of the first book of Corinthians in the Bible; but please don’t worry that you have to do the same. After each service there is an opportunity to stay and chat and free refreshments are provided.