What’s On

Every week:

Sunday 11am – Breaking of Bread

Our main service of the week is the Breaking of Bread (which some Churches call Communion), which takes place at 11am on Sunday mornings. The focus of this meeting is  to remember Jesus’ sacrifice so our baptised members share bread and wine as symbols of his body and blood. We call this the “Breaking of Bread”, which is what the First Century Christians often called it. We sing hymns, pray together and read the bible. There is a central talk called an exhortation which reminds us what our lives as Christians should and could be like.

We also have a supplementary service at 5pm on Sundays, where those few who could not attend in the morning have an opportunity to break bread together.  In addition we offer to visit those who cannot attend through sickness or other reasons to break bread in their homes.

Sunday 6pm – Public Presentation

On Sunday evenings, usually at 6pm, we have a Bible Talk.  Talks are given either by members of our own ecclesia (which is what we call the local group of believers) or by visiting speakers. We use this time to learn more about the Bible and think about the practical ways we can apply its teaching to our lives. We also sing hymns and say prayers. This service is particularly useful for beginners or those who are learning about the Bible, so do come along and find out more!  This year we are also trialling some family services at 9.30am

Wednesday 8pm – Bible Class

Our Bible Class is held on Wednesday evenings at 8pm. The format is similar to the Sunday Evening Bible Talk with hymns and prayers, but is aimed at helping our own members gain a deeper understanding of a chosen biblical topic.   Sometimes we run a series of talks on particular topics.

What to expect

If you haven’t been to a Christadelphian service before, you will find a warm welcome on arrival! Christadelphians respect the Bible and as such you will see people around you following the talks in their own copies. Christadelphians stand for hymns and prayers, and services are led by members of the Ecclesia instead of designated Ministers.  Another thing you will spot is that women who are baptised members will wear hats or other head coverings during meetings, as taught in 1 Corinthians 11. At the end of the service there is usually an opportunity to stay and chat – often over a cup of tea!