Biblical Principles

Christadelphians (meaning “Brothers and Sisters in Christ”) have met in and around Birmingham since about 1850. We also meet in many other places across the U.K. and in a large number of other countries.

We share a belief that God created all things (Genesis 1:1), that He caused the Bible to be written over a long period by people who were inspired by Him and that the whole of the Old and New Testaments are vital for a proper understanding of God’s plan of salvation. Consequently, we read and discuss all parts of the Bible and we try to follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ and his early followers (2 Timothy 3:16, 17).

The Old Testament contains many promises about individuals and nations that were later fulfilled, including those about Jesus that were fulfilled during his life on earth (Isaiah 7:14, Isaiah 53 etc.), so we believe the other Bible promises will also be fulfilled.

We believe that Jesus Christ was born of a human mother but had no human father, having been conceived by God’s miraculous power (Matthew 1:18-25, Luke 1: 34, 35), so he is “the Son of Man” and “the Son of God” (Luke 22: 69, 70).

After three and a half years of preaching the good news about his promised kingdom on earth Jesus allowed himself to be crucified but, because he had never sinned, God raised him from the dead and gave him everlasting life (Acts 2: 24).

We are convinced that as promised Jesus will return to the earth (Acts 1: 9-11) and that on God’s authority he will rule over it with absolute power and justice (John 5: 26-29). However, he will show mercy to those who have been faithful and obedient, including those he will raise to new life, and will give them eternal life in his kingdom (John 3:16).

All Bible Quotes are from the New King James Version.