About Us

The name Christadelphian simply means “Brothers and Sisters in Christ” and reflects the important relationship we have with God’s only son Jesus Christ, as well as each other, through our belief in God. We are part of a worldwide community of believers established over 150 years ago, and we try to live our lives by following the teachings of Jesus, which we read about in the Bible.

In a world full of uncertainty and suffering we share a simple and logical faith which offers peace of mind and contentment now and the promise of eternal life in the future. We aim to follow as closely as possible the teaching and example of Jesus, as recorded in the Bible.

We believe:

In one God who created and sustains all life on the earth.

In the Bible which explains God’s plan with us and the earth​.

In Jesus Christ who is the son of God and the saviour of the world.

​In the return of Jesus to the earth, as God has promised, to be its King​.

In God’s promises which will see a new worldwide Kingdom established on Earth.

Further information about our beliefs can be found by clicking here.